Zwift erg mode freeride

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Zwift erg mode freeride

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This article has been updated as of March of For cyclists and triathletes, training indoors is usually seen as a lonely and potentially boring task. But riding the trainer or running on the treadmill is often required for ambitious athletes due to bad weather, short days, a lack of suitable roads, or a desire to execute a workout as perfectly as possible.

The proliferation of smart trainers has triggered an entire industry of indoor riding apps that are not only effective training tools, but are also engaging and entertaining as well.

Zwift is one example of a product that is taking indoor training to the next level. Zwift offers hundreds of kilometers of roads to explore, group rides, workouts, and races to participate in, and even some videogame-style achievements and progression for extra motivation. For coaches and athletes who have their goals and training plans mapped out in TrainingPeaks, Zwift has several integrated tools that can make it easy and fun to stick to your cycling and running plans.

Once you have created a Zwift account you can navigate to my. Now, not only will your completed workouts sync to your TrainingPeaks account including map and elevation data, but also any Structured Workouts based on power for cycling, or distance and pace for running planned in your TrainingPeaks calendar will be available in Zwift as well.

Once your accounts are connected and your equipment is set upyou are ready to ride. There are essentially three different riding modes in Zwift Just ride, Workout with Trainer Control, and Workout Without Trainer Controland each one can play a useful part in your training.

This option allows you to explore the virtual Zwift worlds with pre-selected routes, or you can choose your own turns as you go. You may find yourself shifting, standing, and changing your cadence a lot more than you are used to during indoor rides, and that alone can make an indoor workout that much more fun and go by that much faster. Zwift also allows you to plan your own group rides and invite your friends or join rides that your friends plan and you have been invited to.

This is a great option for allowing riders of different abilities to stay together, or if some riders want to ride harder on a given day.

If you have something a little more specific planned on a given day, Zwift also has dedicated workout features with two different modes. In addition to a library of built-in workouts, any power-based structured workout on your TrainingPeaks calendar will also appear in your list of workouts in Zwift.

When you perform a structured workout in Zwift, you will no longer get terrain-based resistance changes from your smart trainer, but your virtual speed will still change to reflect changes in your power output. You will also get alerts on the screen and banners on the road showing where to start and finish your intervals. When you use Workout Mode in Zwift and sync to TrainingPeaks, all of your intervals will be marked as laps as well, which your coach will likely appreciate when they go to analyze your workout.

When you choose a workout in Zwift you will also have the option of letting Zwift control the resistance on your smart trainer erg modeor just using the normal default resistance curve of your trainer.

Each of these options can be useful, depending on what you are trying to accomplish. With erg mode-enabled, Zwift will communicate with your trainer to automatically adjust the resistance to ensure that you are hitting the power target for that step of your workout. All you have to do is choose a good gear combination and keep up a good cadence. Without erg mode-enabled you will feel the normal resistance curve from your trainer, so you may need to adjust your cadence or shift gears to hit your power targets correctly.

Additionally, Zwift has an especially useful feature that lets you toggle erg mode on or off in the middle of a given workout as needed. For runners, Zwift has added a running option with Free Run and workout modes as well as other running specific features. So whether you are looking for a better way to execute your planned workouts, or just a way to help the training hours pass a little more quickly, Zwift may be just the tool you need to stick to your TrainingPeaks plan.

You may even start looking forward to riding the trainer. Cody grew up racing mountain bikes in Durango, Colorado where he developed a passion for endurance sports, science, math and technology. He switched to the road and track while racing for Fort Lewis College, where he also managed to get a couple of science degrees. Now he gets to write and talk about his favorite topics every day as an Education Specialist at TrainingPeaks.Learning to read this info makes Zwifting even more fun and effective.

This video breaks it down. Login Create Account Download. Download My Profile. Sorry, this content is not available in your chosen language. My Profile. Get Started. Login Create Account. Logout Download. Change your country or region. Back Previous Next.

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Menu: The Menu is where you can find features like your profile, avatar customization, settings, summary of your stats for the current ride, and more. Leaderboards: See how you compare to other Zwifters on the same course. See recent stats from previous rides.

Current Efforts: See your current output. The large number is your watts power. Cadence and heart rate will also show up here if you have those sensors paired. PowerUps: These are temporary bonuses to your performance. Rider Level: This is our progression system. The more you ride, the more points you earn, the higher your level.

The max is Drops: Redeem these in-game credits for items in the Drop Shop. You earn Drops by cycling in Zwift. The farther you go, the higher you climb, the more calories you burn, the more Drops you earn.

All About Erg Mode in Zwift

Speed: Your current speed in Zwift and takes into account factors like drafting, the grade, and your weight. You can change the display to Imperial or Metric units in Settings. Total Ride Distance: This is the total distance traveled in Zwift for your current ride. You can change the display to Imperial or Metric units through Settings. Total Ride Elevation: This is the total elevation climbed in Zwift for this ride. Total Ride Movement Time: This is the total moving time for your current session.ERG mode is something that confuses a lot of new Zwifters.

When should you use it, and what exactly is it anyway? ERG mode is literally forcing you to work at a particular level.

Free Ride: Reading the HUD

So your only job in ERG mode is to manage your cadence. Use it for workouts where you want to hold particular power levels for particular intervals which is most workouts. ERG mode is enabled by default if you begin a workout while using a smart trainer in Zwift. Racing requires constantly adjusting your effort to stay with the pack, attack on punchy climbs, ease off on descents, etc.

ERG mode was not made for on-the-fly adjustments. You can also turn it on or off during your workout by clicking the up arrow, or clicking your mouse near the bottom-middle of your screen. This will bring up a menu which includes a button for turning ERG on and off see below. This torturous event happens when you are in ERG mode attempting to hold a particular wattage, then your legs get tired and your cadence slows.

In order to keep hitting the wattage target, your trainer will then increase the resistance see examples above. This increased resistance naturally slows your cadence even more, which means the trainer piles on more resistance… until you come to a grinding halt. Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava. You can easily use ERG mode in a race.

I can connect my trainer to my headunit and control it, helps metering efforts up long climbs. I fee like the wheel of death causes a premature end to the test. Any tips for how to escape the spiral of death? The only thing that seems to work for me is to pause the workout. Spin up then restart the workout but sometimes it can take a while for ERG to re-engage. Adjust the effort in the app or minus key on the laptop I thinkor take it out of erg mode and do what you can, or just abandon that effort in the app and recover for the next one.

The last option is probably not great if the next effort is just as hard as the one you have ditched! If you are spiraling down, and before you come to a complete halt, quickly shift several gears lower and to your small chainring and spin fast. You have just a split second or two while the trainer is trying to adjust. If you are already at a dead stop, then you have to pause, spin up, and restart as you stated. Any ideas please. I think it would be helpful for improving my time climbing Alpe de Zwift to set my watts at a steady output.

Then I could adjust subsequent efforts and gauge progress easier than riding in sim mode. So pick the route you want, and the workout you want, then go for it!

Is there a way when designing a workout in zwift to have some sections in erg mode automatically? Or the opposite — turn erg mode off automatically.

Then you can go back into intervals if you want. If I wanted to ride an event not a scheduled workout like the upcoming fondo but wanted to ensure I limited my effort — say because it falls on a recovery day — can I do that?

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You can do a Zwift workout while in a Zwift event. So if you wanted your trainer to be ERG controlled during an event, you would need to do that controlling with another device, like your bike computer.

zwift erg mode freeride

Pretty easy to do with most modern bike computers! This category of cookies allows our site to display advertisements which better match your preferences.Learn all about both as well as when to use them.

How to Use ERG Mode In Zwift

Login Create Account Download. Download My Profile. Sorry, this content is not available in your chosen language.

zwift erg mode freeride

My Profile. Get Started. Login Create Account. Logout Download. Change your country or region. Back Previous Next. Smart trainers have multiple modes. They affect how resistance is applied when you ride.

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ERG is great for workouts because it applies specific resistance. Start at your desired cadence because the smart trainer will adjust your resistance based on your cadence. No matter how fast those pedals are going, ERG holds you at the target wattage. Not hitting your desired wattage? Resistance will increase. For example, if you start at 90 rpm and drop to 60 rpm, the trainer will increase resistance due to your slowed pedal stroke.

If you start at 80 rpm and increase to rpm, the resistance will decrease due to your higher cadence. The takeaway? Going up means more resistance. Going down means less.ERG mode, short for Ergometer, is when your smart trainer automatically set the resistance for you. A smart bike trainer and a compatible cycling app or bike computer are required to use ERG mode. When riding in ERG mode, you are basically telling your trainer and cycling app to take control adjusting the resistance for you while you concentrate on your workout.

Smart trainers will make small adjustments to reach the target power that you set either manually with your bike computer or with a structured workout. When in ERG mode, your trainer will try to keep you at a specified power wattage goal regardless of your speed or cadence RPM.

You set your gear and start pedaling at rpm. But in ERG mode, your trainer will make tiny adjustments until you are back to watts. Naturally, as you ride longer intervals, your cadence will vary. Your smart trainer will make adjustments as you change your cadence to keep you at your target power. Some trainers are better and faster in making these adjustments than others.

I try to change the selection from ride to ride to minimize ware and tare on my drivetrain and no cross chaining. Riding in ERG mode can be a little challenging since the trainer will make every effort to keep you at your target power. When entering an interval, you want to be ready to increase your power.

You will feel the increase in resistance until you reach your target power. Make sure your cadence is smooth and at your goal rpm.

How to Simulate the Real Road with Zwift

No need to change gear. Just sit tight, and keep pedaling and you will see your power reach that target line. If you want a lower rpm at a selected power, simply lower your rpm.

The trainer will make the necessary adjustments to keep you at your target watts.

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If you want a higher cadence, simply increase your cadence and the trainer will adjust. Some trainers will broadcast your target power rather than your actual power. So if your target power is watts, you will see watts on the screen. However, if your trainer is broadcasting your real power, you will notice a slight variation in power numbers.

zwift erg mode freeride

It will slightly go up and down your target power. However, overall the power line should be smooth and your average for the interval should match or come very close to your target power.

Here is the same ride but without using ERG mode. You will notice how there is a lot more variation in power:. Keep pedaling and the trainer will slightly release tension. In ERG mode, your smart trainer goal is to keep you at the specified target power. For the trainer to do that, two things need to happen. Resistance which comes from the trainer, and cadence, which originates from the rider.

zwift erg mode freeride

If you start lowering your cadence, the trainer will attempt to increase that tension. Most apps will allow you to adjust your workout. So if you are having a good day and you think you can beat your workout, you can increase or decrease your target by a certain percentage.During a structured workoutZwift gives you a gold star for each interval block you complete successfully.

The stars appear in the left sidebar. A half star is awarded if you successfully completed only part of the interval, and if your effort is too far off target. Each interval has a target power level for cycling or pace for running. There is some wiggle room to go slightly below or above that number. Bring it back into range and the number turns black.

The goal is to stay within this target range for the whole interval. Instead of aiming for an average, try to spend as much time as possible close to your target.

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Change your country or region. So how do you nail those intervals and get a better score? In a ramp interval, warm up, or cooldown, pay close attention to the target power or pace. It changes! Rest intervals count too. Remember to spin the cranks as you recover. If you ride with a controllable smart trainer in ERG modeyour trainer will automatically change resistance to help you reach the target power. Try slowing your cadence before a hard interval to start adding resistance, or speed up your cadence to lower resistance before a rest.

You may want to turn off ERG mode if short intervals give you trouble. You can do this in the selection screen before the workout or from the action bar during the workout. If you have a classic trainer or ERG mode is off, try shifting gears a few seconds before an interval to help you hit your target quickly. Remember to read the workout description and onscreen instructions. When a workout has a target power level and a target cadence, it may be hard to stay within range for both. If this happens, just maintain the target power, unless cadence work is the goal.If you do a custom workout with a smart trainer in Zwift, you may have the option to use ERG mode.

In this post, I will walk you through how to enable ERG mode and some things you need to pay attention to when using certain smart trainers. One of the best features of smart trainers is their ability to provide power numbers.

But what if you have your own power meter and you prefer to use your power meter instead? Make sure that box is checked before starting your workout. Zwift allows you to adjust workout intensity when in ERG mode.

You can also control the intensity with the following:. In resistance mode, you have full control over resistance. You can adjust resistance by either shifting gears, or adjust resistance by using the same arrows in Zwift Companion app or the bottom menu. Simply, tap the up and down arrows and that will adjust the trainer resistance without having to shift your bike gear. The whole idea of FTP testing is to find your ability to sustain the highest possible power you can sustain during a set period and using ERG mode can be problematic.

That way when I enter the minutes test section, I am using the correct gearing and resisntance setting.

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One unique feature the Tacx NEO has is road feel. This allows the Tacx NEO to simulate different roads such as dirt, cobblestone, gravel, wooden boards, etc. You can enable this feature in Zwift in the settings menu. However, if you are in workout mode and have ERG mode disabled, Zwift will enable road feel — if you have road feel enabled in settings — and you will feel the resistance increase if you hit a cobblestone section for example.

This can be problematic if you are FTP testing or holding on dear life during the last few minutes of a hard interval and you suddenly feel the resistance increase. If you decide to disable ERG mode, you might want to also disable You can disable road feel. This functionality will not impact the way the trainer work or effect ERG mode in any way.

Power smoothing is off here. You can see little variances in the power graph below:. ERG mode is my personal favorite. Set my desire target watts and let the trainer adjust to keep me honest during training. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you for all the Information. My question now is, if I use a trainingsplan offered by zwift, can it be used in erg mode?

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